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The RC2S2 (Research Center for Computational Social Science) research group was established at the Institute of Empirical Studies of the Eötvös Loránd University in 2018 by the expansion of the former Methodological Research Center. The leaders of the research group are Ildikó Barna and Renáta Németh.

Our research team uses methods of data mining and text mining to analyse textual data available on the internet or digitalized offline texts. We also use network analysis and develop data visualization solutions. Our research topics are diverse, we deal with online hate speech, the online representation of corruption and we analyse online forums with the main focus on depression.

The data revolution that has taken place in recent decades and the digital data generated by our everyday activities became a socially relevant source of information. Responding to this, the methodology of quantitative social research uses by now methods of computer science and artificial intelligence research. This new research area is called computational social science in the international literature. Subfields of Computational Social Science are data science (machine learning, text analytics), network analysis and data visualization. The digital revolution not only brought new data sources, but also changed the society. As sociologists, our goal is to get to know this new type of society. We are convinced that the computational trend will be inescapable. The aim of the RC2S2 research group is to discover the social knowledge of this area and to develop and adopt new methods, and explore its epistemological consequences.


Recent News



New results of our project ‘NLP analysis of online depression forums’ was published in SSM Population Health (D1) written by Renáta Németh, Domonkos Sik and Eszter Katona. The asymmetries of [...]

Ildikó Barna and Árpád Knap at the 2021 ISCA conference


Good news. Ildikó Barna and Árpád Knap are among the speakers of the 2021 ISCA conference organized by Indiana University. The "Antisemitism in Today's America: Manifestations, Causes, and Consequences" conference [...]



Three members of our research group (Renáta Németh, Eszter Rita Katona, Zoltán Kmetty) recently published an article, which aims to present the characteristics and possibilities of automated text analysis. Their [...]

RC2S2 presentations at the conference “Sociology at the Dawn of a Successful Century”


The conference “Sociology at the Dawn of a Successful Century" will be held on October 8-9th at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The sociological applications of NLP will be presented [...]

Two of our researchers won the grant of the New National Excellence Program


Both Eszter Katona and Árpád Knap won the scholarship of the New National Excellence Program (ÚNKP) for the next one-year period. The title of Eszter's research is Corruption risk and [...]



We are pleased to announce that our student, Bernadett Csala-Ferencz (MSc in Survey Statistics and Data Analytics), has won a scholarship from the New National Excellence Program for the new [...]



Our research group has received an outstanding opportunity – we have been awarded the 2020 “OTKA” (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) research grant for 2020-2023 for our project titled “The layers [...]



A new paper entitled Sociologists using machine learning: Hermeneutic limitations of ‘big data’ text analytics if non-trivial concepts are taught has been published in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods [...]

Our research group working on online antisemitism started a new project on coronavirus-related online antisemitism


Jews have been accused many times throughout the history of deliberately spreading disease among non-Jews. Simultaneously with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, conspiracy theories linking Jews to the virus [...]



We are pleased to announce that two theses supervised by members of our research group have been awarded the title of “Thesis of the Year”. Anna Farkas wrote the best [...]

Business Cooperation


Inspira Group, a research company, according to their "data for social good" principle, made it possible for Anna Farkas, a BA student in sociology, to add questions to their online [...]



Anna Brecsok's thesis (Survey Statistics and Data Analytics MSc), in which she conducted a survey experiment to investigate a problem she encountered at her workplace, was published in the Hungarian Statistical [...]

Call for papers: Sociology at the Dawn of a Successful Century – conference with NLP section


Organizers are now accepting papers for the Sociology at the Dawn of a Successful Century conference, which will take place from 11 to 12 June 2020 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre [...]

Lecture by Ildikó Barna at Charles University Prague 


Ildikó Barna, co-leader of our research group, gave a presentation on contemporary Hungarian antisemitism at the Formal and Applied Linguistics Institute of Charles University Prague. The presentation was based on [...]

Research and skills development for TDK students with the participation of our research team


Our research group is represented in the NTP-HHTDK grant won by the ELTE TÁTK TDK Workshop. The grant was established to support the Hungarian Scientific Students' Associations and their events. [...]

NLP section at the Cyprus conference of ISA’s RC33


Our research group's two leaders, Ildikó Barna and Renáta Németh has successfully initiated an NLP-related section (Natural Language Processing: a New Tool in the Methodological Tool-Box of Sociology) at the [...]